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Latin Week on DWTS

    As we make our way to the midway point of the competition, the scores become more realistic and the competition becomes stiffer.  Latin week proved to be one steamy night, with the sultry Argentine Tango and the sexy Salsa & Samba.  Katherine & William were on the top with their Argentine Tangos earning them a 29 out of 30.  At the bottom of the leaderboard was Gavin with a 19 for their lackluster Samba.  With many injuries coming to light, the competition is really starting to heat up, along with the chemistry between many of our competitors. 

     With Tuesday nights results show – we began the infamous dance duel between the bottom two couples.  The two couples that landed in the bottom two with the audience votes danced the cha cha simultaneously side by side before the judges and the judges picked who to save.  The bottom two ended up being Jaleel & Gavin, and in the end the judges picked Jaleel to save. 

     Next week is Motown Week, so Gladys should really be at home next week.  It is starting to get down to the nitty gritty as we get down to the best dancers of the competition, the last three weeks will be murder saying goodbye to anyone.  Looking forward to Motown week.

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Dancing with the Stars Rock Week

     As we head toward the halfway point of the competition on DWTS, we’ll see that the scoring is declining and becoming more realistic with time.  We expect a lot more from the competitors now, both in technique & in performance as well.  Tonight’s theme is Rock Week and began with a performance from KISS to start off the night.   Most of the competitors danced either the Paso Doble, or the Tango, with a Viennese Waltz and Jive thrown in as well.  It proved to be a challenging week for all, and in a major shakeup to the leaderboard Gladys & Tristan were at the bottom with a 20 and Donald & Peta at the top with a 27.

     Sherri & Val started off the night with a Tango earning them a 21.  I agree with Len that she has had two weeks of dances that are completely opposite her bubbly personality, here’s to next week (if she makes it through) to being a dance where her true personality can shine.

      Katherine & Mark have the Paso, earning them a 24.  Kudos to Katherine for finding her inner aggressive side, even though it weakened her technique a bit.

     Jaleel & Kym dance the Tango to Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones that garnered them a 22.  Carrie Ann is correct in stating that Jaleel is very smooth on the dance floor.  Unfortunately not all the ballroom dances are meant to be danced in a smooth manner, here’s hoping that if he makes it through to next week he will have a dance where he can show his smooth side.

     Melissa & Maks dance a Paso Doble that ended with Maks taking a fall, and possibly a hurt Melissa who was taken to the ER after her routine.  They received a 22 for their performance.

     Donald & Peta topped the leaderboard with a 27 earning Paso Doble.  He can now join the ranks of the many other great football players that have done well with the Paso.  I believe that he is the so called underdog of this season, and has what it takes to win the title.

     Gladys & Tristan had a rough song with Bohemian Rhapsody which changes tempo frequently and music phrasing as well.  They ended with a 20 for the night, which is probably still one of the highest scores for week 4 from past seasons.

     William & Cheryl took a beating from the judges with William’s second time of either forgetting or messing up his routine.  Kudos to him for continuing through the dance with as much focus as possible.

     Roshon & Chelsie danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz that actually had Len saying “Good Job, Dawg” to Roshon, making him the happiest competitor of the night.  It also garnered the comment from Carrie Ann that stated that out of all the men he was the best dancer.  The dance earned them a 26 leaving them at 2nd place on the leaderboard along with our next competitor of the night.

     With a broken rib, and now a stress fracture in her right foot Maria & Derek came out and danced the Tango to School’s Out.  Len’s quote “Of all the ladies when you’re in hold your postures the tops.”

     Gavin & Karina closed the night with an improved Tango giving them a score of 23, their best score yet.  The question is can they survive another elimination after being in the bottom two for the past few weeks.  We’ll find out tonight at 9, as Rock Week continues with another performance from KISS and the 3rd elimination of the season.

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Greetings from Sunshine Ballroom

Hello and welcome to the Sunshine Ballroom blog, where we will discuss all things ballroom including DWTS, health & wellness and all that my studio has to offer.  Sunshine Ballroom is a new ballroom dance studio located in Ballston Spa, NY.  We offer private & group classes to couples and individuals in American Style Ballroom, Social Dancing & Soul Line Dancing.  All lessons are 45 minutes long and consist of learning the placement of your feet and timing for the dances you desire.  Ballroom dancing offers many great benefits in body, mind & spirit.  Here at Sunshine Ballroom our atmosphere is relaxed as we focus on having fun and enjoying the benefits of dance as we journey our way into a new vitality for life.  Visit our website or call 518-226-0200 for more information.  Be sure to like us on Facebook & now Twitter to join in our conversations and to receive specials.  I am excited to share my expertise and insights of ballroom dancing with you in the coming months.  If you would like me to share my experience with a specific topic please e-mail me with ideas at

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